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workers' compensation INSURANCE

Whether you have one or one thousand employees, you need to have the right plan in place to control the costs of potential worker's compensation claims. We at Veros Insurance Group LLC, with our many years of experience in the field, have been helping some of Gilbert's most diverse companies find the optimal and least costly solutions for their workers compensation issues.


Worker's compensation insurance can actually be one of the largest expenses a company has to deal with. This is why we offer Gilbert some of the most competitive pricing. Due to our many years dealing with worker's compensation, we have developed all the necessary networks that yield the best rates available. Our premium options are flexible and include some of the following:


  • Guaranteed cost, by which a premium is paid and fixed according to a policy period based on payroll and employee classification

  • Loss Sensitive premiums are 'fluid' in the sense that they are adjusted based on previous claims experience

  • Employer claims based on costs incurred


Our approach is based on not only solving problems but preventing them before they start. We offer comprehensive solutions that will not only save you money but also reduce the probability of workers compensations claims happening in the first place; some of these measures include periodic reviews of risk and safety, thorough investigations if instances of fraud are suspected, open claims and experience calculations and return to work programs.


So if you want to simultaneously identify your best coverage options, reduce risk, minimize costs and ensure that you and your company will be secure then you should get in touch with Gilbert's premier insurance providers. Our consultants are no more than a click or call away, waiting to help you rest easy. So why not give us a call?

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